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  • 03 Jun, 15.00–16.00
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Welcome to another episode of the ICCA COVID-19 Briefing – an interactive video series where we explore the economic and health implications of this coronavirus pandemic, and what must be done to ensure successful recovery for businesses big and small.
Misleading or false advertising in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic can undermine consumer trust as well as public health advice. This session will explore the different health and financial claims made in the context of the pandemic and demonstrate how businesses should and can advertise responsibly, drawing from guidance in the global ICC Marketing Code.

Our expert panelists will examine examples of misleading health claims and financial “get rich quick” ads that have increased over the past few months as the global community faces the unprecedented health and economic crisis, as well as explain existing self-regulatory systems and the avenues for recourse they provide.

​​​​​​​Get answers to questions such as:

  • When are health claims considered to be misleading?

  • How can businesses ensure they advertise responsibly in the context of the crisis?

  • What mechanisms are in place to ensure that businesses advertise responsibly?

  • What can I do as a consumer if I am presented with health claims ads or ”get rich quick” ads that seem questionabe?