On March 23, a presentation with commentaries of the report ”International Arbitration: remedy for victims in business and human rights disputes” will be arranged by ICC together with the Swedish branch of International Law Association (ILA) and the Arbitration Institute of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Register no later than 21st March 12.00 noon to sekretariat@ilasweden.se

Secretary General Annette Magnusson
The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

Ambassador Hans Corell
former Legal Counsel of the UN

Erik Belfrage
Member of the ICC Executive Board and former Chairman of the ICC Commission on CSR

Claes Cronstedt
former International Partner of Baker & McKenzie law firm and

Professor Jan Eijsbouts
former Co-chair of the CSR Committee of the International Bar Association and
former General Counsel of AkzoNobel

Moderator: Professor Ove Bring

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