I nära samarbete med Mannheimer Swartling erbjuder vi ett seminarium med talare erfarna av komplicerad dynamik vid förhandlingsbordet:


Emotions, Euphemisms or Eloquence – Cross-cultural Negotiations

How we humans encounter each other, in good times and bad, in deals and disputes, has a profound impact on the progress of business. The ability to bridge not only political borders but cultural and emotional ones as well, is an essential skill today. During this seminar we will consider the human side of deal making and dispute solving. In an exercise in strictly amateur but experience-based psychology, sociology and anthropology, we will explore some of the often implicit dynamics of the negotiation table and the court room.


15.00 Registration and coffee

15.30 Welcoming speech

  • Lena Johansson, Secretary General, ICC Sweden

Differences in negotiation style and strategies: Nordic cool, Latin flair, Teutonic reason, Anglo specificity – each culture brings its own distinct style to the negotiation table. In a world where lines on maps mean less and less to deals, negotiators are obliged not only to master their home style, but also to be able to get to a ”yes” with a huge diversity of human animals. Panel discussion and questions from the audience

  • Adam Green, Partner, Mannheimer Swartling
  • Nina Macpherson, General Counsel, Ericsson
  • Jeff Twentyman, Partner, Slaughter and May

A panel discussion about the conduct of business negotiations and corporate governance in an increasingly intersectional world.

  • Peggy Bruzelius, Independent Director
  • Sven-Christer Nilsson, Corporate Executive and Independent Director
  • Helena Svancar, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
  • Frank Vecella, Associate General Counsel, Ericsson
  • Håkan Winberg, formerly Executive Vice President and CFO of Securitas and Capio
  • Moderated by: André Andersson, Global Relationship Partner, Mannheimer Swartling

17.30 Closing remarks

  • Jan Dernestam, Managing Partner, Mannheimer Swartling

Speakers’  introduction 

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