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  • 12 Jul, 14.00 – 17.00
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We are pleased to invite you to our International Tax Conference, jointly organized in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce, Business at OECD and BusinessEurope. Scheduled for the 12th of July, this year’s virtual event presents a timely opportunity to discuss the “hot off the press” outcomes for a potential global deal on reforming the international tax framework, arising from the G20 Finance Ministers’ meeting in Venice on 9-10 July. The conference will provide a platform for an exchange between business representatives, key OECD and national Government officials on the fundamental architecture and elements endorsed by G20 Finance Ministers. We will discuss broader implications at global level and the way forward regarding implementation of the new international tax rules locally. The conference will be divided into two sessions focusing on Pillar One – profit reallocation, and Pillar Two – global minimum tax, each composed of an interview and followed by a panel discussion with distinguished speakers.

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